MONGOLISM Screenshot 2010/Colours And Sound Single Channel Video 30min01sec

蒙古症讲述了现代化进程中跨越地域的意识 形态下的年轻人的精神状况,用即兴摄影的 方式来控制演员,电视剧的框架来控制剧情, 传统艺术和民间文化成了影响作品的主要因素,毫无逻辑的人物关系构建了一个孤立的 政治图景,是一部关于自我精神认知的肥皂剧。

Happens in a modernizing process, this video is about the psychic condition of the youngsters who live in an age of cross-border ideology.is restrained in the stereotypical story line of mainstream telescript,while its actors are ordered to perform improvisationally. Traditional art and folk culture have become main factors of nfluencing this works. the logic-less relations of characters have constructed an isolated political scene.