SIGHTSEERS? Installation ViewPeople are listening to FM 87.5MHz)

SIGHTSEERS? Installation View

SIGHTSEERS? Installation View

SIGHTSEERS? Installation View

2013,观光客? 1,黑白照片,17.8x12.7cm

2013SIGHTSEERS? 1, B/W Photo,17.8x 12.7cm

2013,观光客? 2,黑白照片,17.8x12.7cm

2013SIGHTSEERS? 2, B/W Photo,17.8x 12.7cm


During the month when Taohui lingersChengdu city, he has almost created none visible works; instead, he just travelsplays every day there like a tourist. Until the approaching exhibition period, he decides to make a trip to Lushan Conty, the earthquake-striken region, with the company of the voicelittle friendsWangjiaqiao Primary School. In details, he brings the portable speaker which has recorded the voicelittle friendsWangjiaqiao Primary School to the classroomLuyang Primary Schoolthe earthquake-hit area of Lushan, hence making children’s frolickingreading sound resound/reverbarate without restrictiondelapidated/ruined classrooms. Upon leaving, he also records the faint background/environmental soundthe debris with a unit-gain sound recorder. After bringing this back to Chengdu, he delivers/transmits it with a frequency modulation emiterevery corner/streetslanes thereof, enabling the sound containing memories to shuttleback to forthChengdu as a traveller.